The sterile aluminized non-woven pads perform an extremely important function as a barrier against bacterical contamination.

The pad is cut and shaped in order to easily adapt to the tracheostomy or drainage tube affected area, guaranteeing maximum comfort for the patient. The central layer, composed by non-woven viscose and polypropylene fabric, thanks to its highly absorbant properties, keeps the wound surface dry from secretions and exudates, reducing the risk of infections. It also act as a barrier against humidity, allowing at the same time, an effective vapor transfer. The layer in contact with the skin is made of aluminized polyethylene. This highly porous material allows an excellent skin transpiration andensuring skin dryness. At the same time the non-adhesion of the pad to the peristomal area and to the tracheostomy tube or drainage, reduces the trauma for the patient during the use and the removal.

Absorbent dressings are available in the following variants:


Particularly indicated for small or medium-scale drainage, pediatric tracheotomy, and wounds caused by infusion catheters in proximity of sutures.

Medicazione bioptical


Especially suitable for post tracheostomy and for considerable entity drainages.

Medicazione bioptical

Biotrac comfort

Indicated for post tracheostomy and for considerable entity drainages.Its peculiar shape enables the pad to be less visible underneath the garments, guaranteeing a greater comfort to tracheostomy patients.

Medicazione bioptical

Absorbent Pads don’t contain latex. IIa class medical device classified by 93/42/CEE directive.

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