Biomed sutures are produced in full compliance with the requirements imposed by the reference Farmacopea.

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The high quality of the needles allows our sutures to be suitable for the most critical and difficult surgical specialties, where the atraumaticity and the capacity of penetration remain constant after several passages through the tissues. These characteristics are possible thanks to the high strength and ductility of the esteemed steel and to the particular silicon coating application method used on the needle, which give it a remarkable and durable capacity to easy penetrate without any trauma.

The careful planning in the combination of needles with the respective thread calipers, has been carefully performed to minimize the difference between the needle and the suture’s external diameter, reducing the invasiveness effect of the device.

Biomed sutures typologies include absorbable and non-absorbable threads, whose characteristics are presented in detail. This catalogue also shows other specific surgery devices of our production, as pledget and loops (silicon and cotton).

The range of products is constantly updated and we are always disposable to work together to develop new codes and innovative devices. The productive logical oriented to flexibility and customer satisfaction, allows us to customize the size and the specifics of the products, on demand.

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Manufacturing processes that lead to the creation of Biomed products, can rely on considerable technological experience, enabling to achieve a high and constantly reproducible quality, thanks to the advanced machineries possessed by the company.

Qualified personnel operates in a clean modern room guaranteeing the quality of the work. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and all Biomed products possess the CE 0373 certification.